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Hi there! My name is Mark Furnell and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my website. Here you will find out more about me and my passion for Zumba®. Please feel free to browse to find out more about Zumba® Fitness and its benefits. Although I must admit I believe the best way to find out what Zumba® can do for you, is to simply jump in the deep end and give it a go! So have a look and if you feel inspired, why not check out my Schedule and find a class that suits you? I really recommend that you put it to the test and you will see the results for yourself, finding out from personal experience how Zumba® can change your life for the good.

Zumba® is for everyone, you don’t have to be a good dancer or in great shape in order to join in the fun and get a fantastic work out while you’re at it. Zumba® is broken down into easy-to-follow steps and choreographies for everyone. It is energetic, uplifting and really fun!

Speaking from my own experience, I believe Zumba® is Therapeutic. Its benefits include Physical, Mental and Spiritual wellbeing. Since I qualified as a Zumba® Instructor in 2010, I have had countless comments from numerous students about what a positive influence Zumba has had in their lives. Zumba®, although Latin Inspired, brings people of all nationalities, shapes, sizes, and ages together. To me, Zumba® represents Unity and Joy for Life. It is about enjoying the moment and disconnecting with everything else for that hour of your day to feel happy, healthy and alive!! It re-energises you in such a way that you just want to keep going back!!

Please note Zumba® can be very different from Instructor to Instructor as we all have different skills and backgrounds, i.e. Fitness or Dance. Therefore our Dance Styles, Teaching Skills and Music Preferences may vary. This is why it is a good idea to try a few Zumba® classes with a variety of Instructors at first, in order to find the one that suits you best, or if you’re lucky, you may find you like them all and decide to go to a number of them and benefit from an even greater variety of rhythms and styles! So, what are you waiting for?? To find a class near you, check out my Schedule or log on to: zumba®.com and book your Zumba® class now! Enjoy!


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